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  • Robb
    Oct 3, 2006
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      Hi again.........your story sounds all too familiar. I have vowed to never get married again.....it would be easier to just buy a different woman a new house every 5 years and get it over with. The last girl cost me my place to work on boats plus alot more. Thats why I bought this new "low budget" place to live. I couldn't be happier. It only costs me about 500 dollars a month for the trailer payment and all utilities combined and all the rest that I make I can spend on whatever I want. When I finish Explorer, the first thing I will do is head south til its warm enough to sail. (it will be finished this winter) The first really serious trip I'll take is planned to be the outer banks. Well see how all that goes. Robb
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      From: Bill
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      My launch date is sometime in the fall of 2005. Whoops. I'm now
      shooting for the early summer of 2007. I would have been fine with
      2005 but a life got in the way. A lot of travelling for work, a new
      relationship (which turned into buying a house and selling my old
      house) all conspired to put my boat building activities on ice.
      Initially I was annoyed. And then I realized that I like working on
      my LM, and if it takes me another two years to finish I'll be just
      fine. I can also justify my slow progress thus. I just looked for
      Dan Gonneau's LM site on the web. It's gone. So is Andrew Pryor's LM
      site. Both of these were inspirational web sites for LM
      builders/dreamers. So, my snail-like progress ensures that I leave a
      snail-like trail of pictures and updates on the internet for other
      builder/ dreamers.

      I hope to keep the LM on Lake Erie. The islands make it an ideal
      cruising ground- lots of exploring and even a short sail allows you to
      circumnaviage something interesting. I've been sailing on the Lake a
      few times (in other peoples' boats) and it's fun. Some day it will be
      my boat.

      I don't know what you're using for epoxy but the System Three fast
      hardner lets you epoxy until it's 35 F. I was able to work deep into
      the winter by using a small electric heater and a couple drop-lights
      (w/ 100 w light bulbs). Painting will be tough, but I was sometimes
      able to paint small patches and heat the spot w/ a light bulb. Not
      ideal, but it keeps the dream alive. Where you gonna sail when you're

      Bill, in Ohio

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      > Wow........it looks great. are you planning to put it on lake
      erie?? do you have a completion date in mind? I can work on explorer
      full time if I want and I'm charging full steam ahead. First layer of
      bottom sheathing went on last nite. The weather is NOT epoxy friendly
      right now but I"m trying to make do ........Robb
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