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50948Tennessee diesel powered

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  • Kristine Bennett
    Sep 30, 2006
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      Some one said they were thinking about installing a
      diesel in a Tennessee.

      I'll try and find your Tennie photos, a diesel on a
      > Tennie sounds
      > interesting, inboard I presume?

      I'm not sure what kind of HP you are looking for. I
      have worked around a lot of marine diesels over the
      years and some are smoother then others. The
      smoothness of the engine has more to do with the
      number of cylinders more then anything. A single
      cylinder. will shake real bad at most RPM but they do
      have a few smooth spots the same is true of the four
      cylinders as well. Yet the 2 cylinders is smoother
      over a wide range and with most 3 and 6 cylinders they
      are smooth all over the RPM range.

      There is or was a 33 HP 3 cylinder Westerbek for sale
      up here for under 400 dollars it ran when they took it
      out of the boat and is less the marine trans. It needs
      new glow plugs and it has about 2000 hours on it. I
      can find out more info if you want or get you the
      contact info.

      The engine is about 70 miles north of Seattle
      Washington if it's still there.

      Blessings Kristine

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