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  • Joe Tribulato
    Sep 2 12:14 AM

      I had the same problem with my Oldshoe in light wind. My solution was
      to get what speed I could first. Then use the rudder just enough, Not
      too much, not too little. It takes practice. Excess rudder acts as a
      brake and will slow you down. Then if it still would not tack (veer,
      english as well) and I hade some speed left I would reach up and push
      the sail toward the wind. Sometimes it worked. Again, it takes
      practice. The long keel promotes slow tacking. See photos here:

      Peppino Tribulato

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "marcoviniciomasoni"
      <marcoviniciomasoni@...> wrote:
      > Dear all, I am very happy to be the first builder of an Italian micro
      > (I know that my friend Pippo had begun one of it, but he then has
      > interrupted the job. By the way would I like send you a photo, but how
      > cai I send photo in the section "photos"?)
      > In a recent e-mail of this forum anybody has written that micro is an
      > excellent boat, easy and sure for learn to sail. True. I am 60 years
      > old, I have very little experience of sail, but I have built my micro
      > and I am learning with him.
      > I have only a problem: when the wind is not strongly I am not able to
      > veer, I am forced to turn with the wind to the shoulders (you excuse
      > but I don't know the English term, in Italian is told "strambare"
      > vs " virare( to veer)".
      > The boat stays with the bow to the wind and slowly return on the edge
      > that I want to leave.
      > When the wind is strongly instead there is no problem.
      > Could anybody write the steps to follow for veer in a correct way with
      > a micro?
      > Thank you to all and you excuse my very bad English.(And the
      > ripetition of this message)
      > Marco Vinicio Masoni
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