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50605Re: [bolger] Italian Micro

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Sep 1 11:30 AM
      On 9/1/06, marcoviniciomasoni <marcoviniciomasoni@...> wrote:

      >> Dear all, I am very happy to be the first builder of an Italian micro

      Congratulations on the Micro!

      You are asking how to sail a 'Cat Yawl' rig, which has a big main sail
      in the bow and a small mizzen sail in the stern.

      I am guessing that your problem might be coming from the mizzen sail
      grabbing the wind as you try to bring your bow across the wind. I
      suggest you try loosening the mizzen sail sheet so that it does not
      bite the wind as the bow comes around. Sorry, if my English is not
      clear, my Italian is worse!
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