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50603Italian Micro

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  • marcoviniciomasoni
    Sep 1, 2006
      Dear all, I am very happy to be the first builder of an Italian micro
      (I know that my friend Pippo had begun one of it, but he then has
      interrupted the job. By the way would I like send you a photo, but how
      cai I send photo in the section "photos"?)
      In a recent e-mail of this forum anybody has written that micro is an
      excellent boat, easy and sure for learn to sail. True. I am 60 years
      old, I have very little experience of sail, but I have built my micro
      and I am learning with him.
      I have only a problem: when the wind is not strongly I am not able to
      veer, I am forced to turn with the wind to the shoulders (you excuse
      but I don't know the English term, in Italian is told "strambare"
      vs " virare( to veer)".
      The boat stays with the bow to the wind and slowly return on the edge
      that I want to leave.
      When the wind is strongly instead there is no problem.
      Could anybody write the steps to follow for veer in a correct way with
      a micro?
      Thank you to all and you excuse my very bad English.(And the
      ripetition of this message)
      Marco Vinicio Masoni
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