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  • Leo W. Foltz
    Aug 4, 2006
      this is from a conversation I had with Emilio in 2003.

      Recently (Affter three years, first one to make a model) I'm close to
      the finish of my wonderful Bolger's Long Micro, to sail in West
      Mediterranean (South East Coast of Spain). I think mine is the first
      LM in Spain (probably the first Micro too).

      I'm Keen on AS29, but Dave & Anke's Luna is probably my best option to
      "do it myself" a new boat for longer voyages (North Africa), best
      acomodation for a family of 5 members, etc. I like very much the
      iconoclast but respetuous actitude, open to make changes that Luna

      I, modestly, had maked my own changes over the LM design: solid oak
      plywood-sandwiched bolted keel, steel rudder, dry cockpit, convertible
      roof of doghouse keeping the companionway, structural water and fuel
      tanks, adeed bulkward to make interior lockers and exterior galley
      sink, back self-drying cockpit, etc.
      Here I send recent fotos of mi boat, where you can observ the changes
      I told.

      If you want some commentaries I could make them, but in spanish.

      to contact Emilio send mail to ejordan at wanadoo dot es


      > I really look forward to further pictures of Emilio's LM, and I bet the
      > finished boat will look really wonderful (already does). A write-up
      > about the boat from Emilio or Leo would make for interesting reading, if
      > it can be arranged.
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