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  • donschultz8275
    Aug 1, 2006
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Leo" <leochill@...> wrote:
      > Folks,
      > Recently I have started exploring options for a Summer Retirement
      > Cruiser. If you take a look at the following URL's, you'll see my
      > posts (and other's replies) in other forums.
      > My lovely wife had taken a message and soon laid a note in front
      of me
      > saying that Suzanne Altenberger would call back in 10 minutes.
      > it wasn't 10 minutes, but closer to an hour before the phone rang
      > again, just before 10 pm.
      > If you go back to message 2034 you'll essentially see the letter I
      > sent last week to Phil Bolger. Suzanne was calling to explore the
      > Summer Retirement Cruiser concept.
      > Though the discussion was wide ranging, the gist was this: They
      > a commission to complete the plans for the Sitka Explorer design.
      > should be done by Christmas time 2004. They are planning on
      > several different hull lengths and power options. Several
      > accommodation plans will also be drawn. Suzanne invited me to draw
      > out my ideas and send them along to see if they can be
      incorporated to
      > "customize" Sitka's basic design to better fit my sense of the
      > aesthetically pleasing.

      The original post was from some time in 2004. I found it by
      searching [Sitka Explorer commission].
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