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  • Peter Lenihan
    Aug 1, 2006
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "adventures_in_astrophotography"
      <jon@...> wrote:
      > Hi Peter,
      > WOW! I can't imagine the feeling on completing such a large and
      > obviously finely constructed vessel. I will toast Le Cabotin from
      > in the Rockies tonight!
      > Jon Kolb
      > www.kolbsadventures.com/boatbuilding_index.htm

      Hi Jon,

      Indeed,it surely must be something else to experience the
      realization of such a grand project! I suspect both Jean and Gaby
      are still high as kites with their new home afloat!

      I have great admiration for them both in their tenacity and
      rigorus focus on their dream. It is one thing to want to build a
      boat and an order of magnitude greater to actually put saw to
      wood,especially with such a substantial project. Things are further
      hightened when one reflects on the fact they originaly began with
      the basic AS-39"LOOSE MOOSE" plan,had cut and assembled all the
      bulkheads and assembled the bottom half of the hull only to take
      alot of it apart upon recieving the up-dated version from our
      Hero.If I recall correctly,PCB&F's,upon learning in more detail Jean
      and Gaby's intended intinerary, came up with the proposed changes to
      better enable the boat to realisticly handle its' mission. I am not
      all that certain I would have had the raw guts to take apart my boat
      halfway through the build and start over! Of coarse, seeing the
      results today demonstrates rather convincingly our Heros' visionary
      talents,not to mention his sincere concern for his clients
      safety/comfort, along with Jean and Gabys' faith in same.

      The one aspect that I most jealously envy however, is the
      durability of their partnership. One can only begin to imagine the
      fantastic strain this project subjected their relationship to
      through the manifold sacrifices and depravations called for with an
      amateur build of this scope.Yet,week after week,month after month
      for over 6 years they maintained a unified desire to realise this
      project through to the end.Not to suggest that this is in anyway
      exceptional but rather to illustrate what can sometimes be at risk
      in the relentless pursuit of ones dream. I know that two of my boat
      building efforts cost me two glorious relationships and much wasted

      I'll be going out to check on their rigging progress this week
      (15 minutes away from the boatyard!) and to drown several pints.
      I'll be sure to pass along the many good wishes they have recieved
      from the group and will attempt to get them to post in their own
      words :-)


      Peter Lenihan, with nose to the grindstone and eager to launch my
      own dream machine,from along the shores of the St.Lawrence...........
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