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50185Re: fast motor sailer

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  • Jim Melcher
    Jul 25 6:25 PM
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "pvanderwaart" <pvanderwaart@...> wrote:
      > > Recently I met someone who is thinking of having a boat built to
      > > cruise European canals and maybe sometine the med. He would like to
      > > have the possibility to sail when the wind is right.
      > > This boat should be 12m long aprox 4m wide, speed 10+ knots.
      > >
      > > Would there be existing Bolger plans to fit these requirements?
      > > Thanks for any input,
      > My first thought is that 10kts is too fast for a 12m sailboat. A more
      > reasonable number would be about 7.5kts, and even that is pushing the
      > limit.
      > That aside, there are several Bolger plans to consider. There are
      > several in which the pivoting mast mechanics have been worked out.
      > Alert (aka Manatee) is about 33 ft, and would be good in the canals,
      > but does not have full headroom. Apogee is an aluminum ketch designed
      > for US canals, but the folded rig would be unpleasant for long runs in
      > the canals. Loose Moose was designed for exactly the service you
      > describe, plus an Atlantic Crossing. The Solution 48 is a big steel
      > boat, but with folding masts, and would be good (unless the house is
      > too high for the bridges).
      > If the speed seems really important, the I would suggest giving up on
      > sailing and going to one of the power sharpies: good room, good speed,
      > etc.
      > Peter
      A correction regarding Alert, aka Manatee: she has full comfortable headroom thanks to
      the modifications by her builder Jim Melcher. See this link: http://www.atomvoyages.com/
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