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50091Re: [bolger] Re: Outboards for Micro

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  • Mark Balogh
    Jul 17, 2006
      Micro fans,

      About a week ago I posed a question to the list regarding short and
      long shaft outboards for Micro. First I want to thank everyone who
      took the time and effort to relate their experiences. Your pretty much
      unanimous reply had pretty much swayed me from long shaft to short. I
      had also sent a fax to Mr. Bolger with the same question mentioning
      the manufacturers measurements for the new outboard in question but
      was not sure I would get a reply. I got my reply today and just so
      everyone can be as surprised as I am Mr. Bolger's reply was "Recommend
      the long shaft." He also related that "Anecdotes and photos of the
      boat in use are appreciated." Thanks again for the input.

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