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50003Re: Micro's seagoing ability

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  • Nels
    Jul 5, 2006
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Thomas Schmidt <largethomassails@...>
      > Hi Nels,
      > Thanks for answering anyway. I will contact Stefan. Have fun with
      Lestat :D
      > I read you thought about pursaching the Navigator update for the
      > Micro plans? I wonder whether it enhances the space considerably,
      > especially the headroom?
      > Best regards,
      > Thomas
      One could get about 5'10' headroom amidships in a LM Navigator and
      more if one raises the boom position a bit higher for the standard
      sailplan or converts to the Chinese gaff.

      I enquired about a Long Micro modification update, but Susanne
      believes one could simply get enough information by adapting the
      Micro Navigator plans, which I have. The only challenge is the
      requirement for a remote tiller location to be able to steer from
      the pilothouse. Also the Chinese gaff sailplan area may have to be
      re-calculated for the LM Navigator.

      Susanne prefers the Long Micro hull over Micro for offshore work.
      That additional 4 foot of waterline is quite an increase and the
      added displacement amidships allows it to carry a considerably
      larger sailplan and a larger motor.

      There would be nothing "Micro" about a Long Micro Navigator:-) It
      would be a big surprisingly roomy boat.

      Incidently the standard Long Micro is pretty close in size to TREKKA
      which circumnavigated twice and had the record for some time as the
      smallest boat to do that. The book about the first voyage, in 1955-
      57 is back in print again. What a great read!


      Amazon also had it on sale for $12.95 USD in softcover.

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