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49997Re: [bolger] Re: Micro's seagoing ability

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  • Thomas Schmidt
    Jul 5, 2006
      Hi Peter,

      I do very much think I will enjoy the building. There may be hours you
      mourn your fate and the lightly curse the day the ill luck of finding
      out about a beautiful boat hit you. But as you instantly fell in love
      with it and wanted nothing more then to build one like this... you won't
      give up. At least not me.
      Because I, too, know the Zen Zone. Just experienced it again today,
      although in the Zen Lite version, while painting the bottom of a work
      catamaran with tar epoxy.

      I found your "articles" at Duckworks, and I love your style of writing,
      whether it is in those "articles" or in here, at the Bolger group.
      I see you as a pub-going gentleman-boatbuilder, and a true gentleman indeed!
      By the way, I guess at least as long as those pictures of Lestat are
      online your fame will never cease, and I may say we're all looking
      forward to the turning-out of your Lady Windemere...

      Best regards,

      Peter Lenihan wrote:

      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com <mailto:bolger%40yahoogroups.com>,
      > Thomas Schmidt <largethomassails@...>
      > wrote:
      > > @Peter Lenihan: Thanks for the adviceI love the looks of Lestat (yes,
      > > David, I really do)! One excellent piece of work every boat builder
      > > would be proud of. I just hope I get to do it this good, too.
      > > Was the cockpit of Lestat build to the original plans or did you
      > modify it?
      > > Same question as to Buck... Do you know the weight of Lestat?
      > > Do you still have any website online? Because all links to your site
      > are
      > > invalid.
      > > Happy Canada Day to you, too :-D
      > >
      > > Many thanks again to all of you,
      > > Cheers
      > > Thomas
      > Hi Thomas,
      > Thanks! The cockpit was built as per plan with the only exception
      > being my addition of inclined back-rests for the cockpit coamings
      > rather then the dead straight(vertical) ones on the plans.
      > It has been too many years but I seem to recall her weight being
      > somewhere near 900lbs....+ or - say a 100 lbs.:-)
      > Regarding my"website online", I never had a website however a number of
      > nice pictures where posted and included with a few "articles" I had
      > written for the world famous online e-zine,DUCKWORKS MAGAZINE. Perhaps
      > it is/was links to these that you mistook for a personal website?
      > At any rate, you may rest assured that whichever Bolger beauty you
      > decide to build, there will be some nice helpful folks within this
      > group to help you along with useful tidbits of fabulously free advice
      > for the taking ;-) Just never forget to have lots of fun and to enjoy
      > the process for this will one day come to an end after you launch and I
      > dare say there will be days on the water when you will look back
      > longingly at those heading days spent making sawdust :-)
      > Sincerely,
      > Peter Lenihan.......
      > Sincerely

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