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  • Thomas Schmidt
    Jul 1, 2006
      All great knowledge-sharers,

      I'm grateful to all the interesting information you're offering, and be
      assured that neither of your advice is touching on inattentive ears!

      @David Graybeal: Thanks for the inspiring quote. And for the
      blessings... :-D
      "When it comes, the desire to build a boat is one of those that cannot
      be resisted. It begins as a little cloud on a serene horizon. It ends by
      covering the whole sky, so that you think of nothing else" -- Arthur Rans
      I'll try to always keep an eye on th e glittering surface of the
      water... and I hope that will be what always pushes me along to finish
      the boat and to get it into the water!
      I guess one reason for choosing the Micro (or Long Micro) is the
      following: I am - doubt it or not - 6' 8 3/4'' (2.05 metres) tall.

      @Buck Crowley: Building the hull from 1/2 inch occume seems to be pretty
      heavy, but you say it makes for a strong boat, and Phil approved of it.
      Could you tell me your boat's empty weight?
      In speaking about real cockpits I presume you meant such opening to the aft?

      @John Mann: I guessed from the beginning that she is no race boat... :-D
      I'm not looking for one at this time, otherwise I'd stick to my dream of
      a Minitransat boat. I'm just looking for a nice little boat to get out
      on the water with and which I can use for small cruises over the
      weekend. I don't like to be forced to camp out on the beach every night
      when going out on a dinghy, so I figured some cabin cruiser, also to do
      some serious several-weeks-cruising, as I definitely want to visit
      Scotland and Ireland by boat once. Not sure whether a Micro is good for
      that, but it would be nice...

      @Peter Lenihan: Thanks for the adviceI love the looks of Lestat (yes,
      David, I really do)! One excellent piece of work every boat builder
      would be proud of. I just hope I get to do it this good, too.
      Was the cockpit of Lestat build to the original plans or did you modify it?
      Same question as to Buck... Do you know the weight of Lestat?
      Do you still have any website online? Because all links to your site are
      Happy Canada Day to you, too :-D

      Many thanks again to all of you,

      ----Original Message----

      > Thomas,
      > The Micro is a great boat for coastal cruising given that you keep a
      > careful eye on the weather. She is self righting and self bailing,
      > has a great volume that can be fitted out as the owner desires. There
      > is nothing complicated about the building process except maybe the
      > lead keel, but this can be outsourced to a foundry. It took me a long
      > time to understand that the Micro is cruiser/daysailer, not a racing
      > boat. She is a heavy displacement high volume design and of short
      > waterline length, so she wont bolt along. In light winds and choppy
      > waters she will plonk around like a cork. However when the wind picks
      > up she comes into her own and will scream along (with sail reefed) in
      > 20 - 25 knots reasonably comfortably. The rig is relatively "low
      > tech" and care needs to be taken to get the best sail shape possible
      > for all conditions to ensure she gives optimum performance. Two
      > people would cruise very comfortably in a Micro given her capacity for
      > storing provisions. I keep my Micro on a mooring and which is ideal
      > for impulse sailing. Given her volume, weight and the mast length and
      > its weight I would think that sailing regularly would be a bit of a
      > chore (IMHO),
      > Cheers,
      > John Mann
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com <mailto:bolger%40yahoogroups.com>,
      > "largethomassails"
      > <largethomassails@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi all,
      > >
      > > I'm new to your wonderful and most interesting group and I just
      > > stumbled in here as I'm wondering about building a Micro or a similar
      > > - veeeery - small cruising boat. It's not my first building project -
      > > or better will not be by the time I start with it - as I'm currently
      > > being apprenticed as a boatbuilder over here in L├╝beck, Germany, at
      > > the Baltic Sea.
      > >
      > > Question about the Micro: Would you consider the design "seagoing" or
      > > "seaworthy" enough to mostly do coastal trips in it? It's just we
      > > don't have too much interesting inshore water around here, and I don't
      > > want to exlusively sail on lakes.
      > >
      > > So I'm generally interested in your experience and thoughts on going
      > > "out" on a Micro or a similar design, such as the Chebacco.
      > >
      > > Cheers
      > > Thomas
      > >
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      Large Thomas sails on a big blue sea of dreams...

      Haiku, the gonna-be micro cruiser... headroom for a tall man? No, thanks! Space for dreams? Yes, please!

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