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49957Re: Micro's seagoing ability

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  • mannthree
    Jul 1, 2006

      The Micro is a great boat for coastal cruising given that you keep a
      careful eye on the weather. She is self righting and self bailing,
      has a great volume that can be fitted out as the owner desires. There
      is nothing complicated about the building process except maybe the
      lead keel, but this can be outsourced to a foundry. It took me a long
      time to understand that the Micro is cruiser/daysailer, not a racing
      boat. She is a heavy displacement high volume design and of short
      waterline length, so she wont bolt along. In light winds and choppy
      waters she will plonk around like a cork. However when the wind picks
      up she comes into her own and will scream along (with sail reefed) in
      20 - 25 knots reasonably comfortably. The rig is relatively "low
      tech" and care needs to be taken to get the best sail shape possible
      for all conditions to ensure she gives optimum performance. Two
      people would cruise very comfortably in a Micro given her capacity for
      storing provisions. I keep my Micro on a mooring and which is ideal
      for impulse sailing. Given her volume, weight and the mast length and
      its weight I would think that sailing regularly would be a bit of a
      chore (IMHO),


      John Mann

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      <largethomassails@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I'm new to your wonderful and most interesting group and I just
      > stumbled in here as I'm wondering about building a Micro or a similar
      > - veeeery - small cruising boat. It's not my first building project -
      > or better will not be by the time I start with it - as I'm currently
      > being apprenticed as a boatbuilder over here in L├╝beck, Germany, at
      > the Baltic Sea.
      > Question about the Micro: Would you consider the design "seagoing" or
      > "seaworthy" enough to mostly do coastal trips in it? It's just we
      > don't have too much interesting inshore water around here, and I don't
      > want to exlusively sail on lakes.
      > So I'm generally interested in your experience and thoughts on going
      > "out" on a Micro or a similar design, such as the Chebacco.
      > Cheers
      > Thomas
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