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49896Re: [bolger] Re: Please post Bolger Topaz (and Spyder) links, photos, etc.

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  • Christopher Wetherill
    Jun 20, 2006
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      John Kohnen wrote:
      > I can't think of a more antisocial way to spend a day on the water than
      > zooming around making a humongous wake with a high-powered stereo blaring!
      > :o( To make it even worse, around here the yahoo's who drive those
      > monstrosities (designing a boat to make a big wake? the designers
      > responsible should be ashamed of themselves!) favor bad heavy metal music.
      > :o( I don't have anything good to say about "recreation" that makes
      > everybody else on the lake miserable.
      > On Mon, 19 Jun 2006 06:28:39 -0700, Bruce Hallman wrote:
      >> ...
      >> after experiencing two days with the most knarly 'testosterone power'
      >> wake surfing
      >> boats, that I need to budget $500+ for a hi-powered sound system. Wake
      >> surfing
      >> is crazy stuff, we had a floodable chamber in an aft corner so the boat
      >> stands
      >> up, then a 400 HP V8 motor swings a giant low pitch prop which throws a
      >> humongous wake which curls like a ocean breaker and allows one to surf.
      On top of the obnoxious nature of this pastime, there is the issue of
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