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49856Re: Please post Bolger Topaz (and Spyder) links, photos, etc.

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  • Peter Lenihan
    Jun 17, 2006
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Bruce Hallman" <bruce@...> wrote:
      I found the 'mind puzzle' challenging (and exciting) to
      > figure out how to manipulate a 32 foot long side panel, to match a
      > foot long bottom panel so that the joint seam match came within a
      > or so,

      Holy Smokes!! A 1/4" Inch?!?! Did you use a felt-marker to trace the
      bottom rocker on the side panels instead of a sharp pencil or
      what :-D !!( Just kidding there Bruce :-)....

      I took me a while to figure out that the problem was
      > with the bottom and not with the side bottom edge bottom edge
      > curvature. Ultimately, I discovered that if I fastened the aft
      20% of
      > the joint (giving the bottom stiffness), then I could jack up the
      > stern which then put curve into the middle part of the bottom. I
      > fastened the middle, and with the aft 2/3rds now having stiffness,
      > could crank curvature into the forward 1/3rd of the hull.

      I had a similar bit of tweaking too with the Windermere bottom
      however I began at the front and worked my way aft,jacking the
      bottom panel up to match the side panel rocker, since the rocker
      forward is"locked" by the box-keel/fillet piece components.The aft
      2/3rds is just a big laminate and was remarkably forgiving/flexible.
      I would have thought the fillet pieces on the TOPAZ/SPYDER would
      have similarily served to lock in the rocker,forward,thus making it
      really difficult to crank in any further rocker.(hope that makes
      sense :-))

      Also, some
      > may recall my gambit, where I used a single strongback versus a
      > wide fab table to build the bottom. My risk seems to have paid off
      > because correction of the build in twist inaccuracies turns out to
      > an easy task using shop and farm jacks.

      Ya,but,but,but you only got to within a quarter inch of PERFECT :-D

      Glad to hear that your SPYDER is moving along well through her
      gestation phase,life's little demands notwithstanding, and hope that
      domestic harmony perservers amidst the"temporary" mayhem!

      Continued success and stamina!!!


      Peter Lenihan,who surely would have fallen to a quick death had he
      ever torn down a "wall" to get more room in my third story apartment
      and/or met my maker,tout suite, thanks to a well placed baseball bat
      to my skull delivered by an "ex" exasperated partner.....thankful
      to be alive now along the shores of the St.Lawrence...........
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