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49761Re: Gypsy won't track

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  • gbship
    Jun 7, 2006
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Bruce Hallman" <bruce@...> wrote:
      > I guess that I have a contrary view about this. In my experience,
      > (Which is considerable; I have lost track of how many Bolger boats I
      > have built, around ten): every time I have deviated from his design,
      > trying to 'improve it', I have regretted the change, often for
      > surprising reasons. This would be especially true for something as
      > major as changing the lateral plane, or 'improving' the rowing
      > capability. Remember that Phil Bolger had several decades of
      > experience designing and using row boats when he designed Gypsy and it
      > is safe to say that he knew what he was doing when he designed her the
      > way he did.
      Hear, hear! That little skeg does make a huge difference in the ability
      to control a boat like Gypsy under oars -- it keeps the stern from
      swinging all over the place. In BWAOM Bolger writes about one of his
      powerboats with this general shape (but larger) and notes that it will
      blow sideways in the slightest puff because of the lack of lateral
      resistance (I think he equipped it with a smallc enterboard for that
      reason). Jim Michalak has written that his small sailboats are designed
      not only with a skeg but so that the leeboard is immersed a couple
      inches when rowing to improve tracking. If you don't want a skeg,
      you'll have to rig a way to center the tiller with the rudder a few
      inches in the water, and maybe also the daggerboard down a few inches.
      She ain't going to be a worthwile rower without some form of lateral
      resistance. FWIW, I suspect the skep also improves handling when broad
      reaching or running, especially in strong winds, when you have the
      daggerboard mostly or entirely out of the water.

      Gary Blankenship
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