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49755Re: Gypsy won't track

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  • GarthAB
    Jun 7, 2006
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      Hi Robert --

      You're probably right about a skeg not ruining the sailing balance.
      The best approach in this experimental phase might be to glue one on
      with PL Premium, no screws, so you can plane it all off it it doesn't
      work out. If it works, drill and screw for added security.

      One last bit of data to add on the "tie-the-tiller-amidships" approach
      -- when I did that, the tiller was in my way for the forward lean of
      the rowing stroke.

      All best,

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Miller" <millersail@...> wrote:
      > it seems to me that the solution IS a small skeg just forward of the
      rudder. This need not
      > be of large area in that it is so far aft. I wouldn't worry too much
      about lee helm from a
      > small increase in lateral plane aft - too many other factors here.
      In any case plenty of
      > adjustments could overcome this even if it did occur (which it
      probably won't).... eg:
      > rudder is obvious choice if this is left in place while rowing
      (though that alone would
      > obviously give the correction in tracking ability you are looking
      for under oars without the
      > addition of a skeg), increase mast rake aft ever so slightly, shift
      a bit of weight aft (things
      > you might presently be stowing forward), etc. All of these would
      counter any lee helm...
      > which again, I would not strongly expect.
      > I actually believe a small skeg aft could improve Gypsy's utility
      > As to fastening to 1/4" ply .... after trials with skeg shape and
      area, epoxy and screw the
      > skeg to the bottom from above, and then fashion small fillets at the
      junction of skeg and
      > bottom on either side. They will improve water flow as well as add
      the additional strength
      > that may be desirable.
      > Robert
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