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49744Re: Gypsy won't track

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  • GarthAB
    Jun 6, 2006
      I've had the same experience with my Gypsy. It spins as easily as a
      doughdish on the water. Adding a permanent skeg might lead to lee helm
      while sailing, if too much lateral resistance is concentrated aft. (I
      guess you could then add some more LR somewhere else forward to
      balance . . . )

      I had the idea (never acted upon) to fashion a "drop-in skeg," which
      would fasten to the transom in place of the rudder using the same
      attachment mechanism -- pintles & gudgeons, or the "Michalak slide,"
      or whatever you have -- but firmly perpendicular to the transom.
      Drawbacks would be:
      1) takes up space when not in use; and likewise, you'd have to bring
      the rudder assembly aboard to row
      2) if you are dropping sail and rowing home because of high
      winds/waves, the last thing you want to be doing is leaning over your
      transom lining up holes. The Michalak slide is best in that regard,
      but still, not fun to install in rough conditions.

      Come to think of it, #1 could be obviated by mounting the skeg
      off-center. Leave the rudder assembly in, but kick it up and tie it
      off. . . .

      Come to think of it, you could obviate #2 by making it an off-center,
      "drop-in, kick-up skeg." Let it pivot in the vertical plane, but keep
      it fixed in the horizontal . . . When the weather gets rough, haul up
      the rudder and drop down the skeg. Damn . . . I better call the Patent


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Mike" <skiffsalor2000@...> wrote:
      > I took my Gypsy out today for a couple of hours after work. The
      > wind didn't cooperate but I had a few moments (never enough).
      > Coming back to the dock I had to row it. I guess it is the river
      > current or wind or both but that boat will not go in a straight
      > line. I dug one oar in and then another trying to make it track.
      > I have read other posts that say you need a skeg to make it track.
      > I really don't see how a 4" - 5" skeg is going to keep this boat on
      > line. It spins in a 360 if you let it. The only way to stop it -
      > dig one oar in. Adding a skeg will mean putting a small false keel
      > behind the last bulkhead. I don't think that will look too good but
      > I know I can screw in a skeg to 1/4" plywood either.
      > I remember reading Payson's book that one of his buddies rowed a
      > Gypsy 100 miles in Maine. I wondered about that feat today when I
      > was trying to make 1/2 mile or less back to the boat dock - what a
      > struggle. Any ideas for an easy skeg for this boat will likely be
      > used.
      > Mike
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