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49742Re: [bolger] Gypsy won't track

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Jun 6, 2006
      > I took my Gypsy out today for a couple of hours after work. The
      > wind didn't cooperate but I had a few moments (never enough).
      > Coming back to the dock I had to row it. I guess it is the river
      > current or wind or both but that boat will not go in a straight
      > line. I dug one oar in and then another trying to make it track.

      Try no to oversteer with the oars. Instead of 100% vs. 0% steering, try
      pulling 55% vs. 45%. Also be sure that the blades of the oars are exactly
      perpendicular to the water and that you have a smooth blade entry and
      blade exit technique. A long narrow sweetly curved hull shape
      like gypsy should row nicely.
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