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49737Gypsy won't track

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  • Mike
    Jun 5, 2006
      I took my Gypsy out today for a couple of hours after work. The
      wind didn't cooperate but I had a few moments (never enough).
      Coming back to the dock I had to row it. I guess it is the river
      current or wind or both but that boat will not go in a straight
      line. I dug one oar in and then another trying to make it track.

      I have read other posts that say you need a skeg to make it track.
      I really don't see how a 4" - 5" skeg is going to keep this boat on
      line. It spins in a 360 if you let it. The only way to stop it -
      dig one oar in. Adding a skeg will mean putting a small false keel
      behind the last bulkhead. I don't think that will look too good but
      I know I can screw in a skeg to 1/4" plywood either.

      I remember reading Payson's book that one of his buddies rowed a
      Gypsy 100 miles in Maine. I wondered about that feat today when I
      was trying to make 1/2 mile or less back to the boat dock - what a
      struggle. Any ideas for an easy skeg for this boat will likely be

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