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49736Re: [bolger] Re: Rudder Problems/Request design or help with Gypsy rudder

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  • Kevin O'Neill
    Jun 5 5:12 PM

      I've used 1/2" id pvc and 1/2" aluminum rod to make
      rudder hinges for a small kayak I wanted to turn into
      a sailboat. Rough up the outside of the pvc with 60
      grit sandpaper, chop the pvc into 2" sections,
      threaded it onto the rod with small washers between
      bits to make a little gap. Then clamp the rudder to a
      sawhorse or something so it's up against the transom
      exactly where you want it to be when you're sailing,
      and super glued every other bit of pvc to the rudder,
      and every other bit to the boat. You can just stand
      there and hold it in place until it dries, about 30
      seconds. Now *carefully* pull the pin, take the
      rudder to the bench, and epoxy/glass cloth the bits of
      pvc to the rudder and the boat. To go sailing you put
      the rudder in place and drop the pin in; either put a
      cap on the pin or drill a hole in the top for a cotter

      Huh. Re-reading, I'm not sure that's clear. If it's
      not let me know and I'll dig up some pictures.


      --- graeme19121984 <graeme19121984@...>

      > Hi Tim,
      > have you seen the Gate Hinges album at Bolger2
      > photos? Might make a
      > quick gudgeon & pintle set.
      > Graeme
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Tim Rohrer"
      > <tgrohrer@...> wrote:
      > >it is now June and I really want to use the boat
      > this summer...
      > > ...buy a pindle and gudgeon set that would fit
      > around the current
      > >rudder
      > >
      > >or
      > >
      > > find flat steel I can bend to a U-shape that would
      > provide support
      > >to the rudder.
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