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49705Re: [bolger] Rudder for Gypsy

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  • catboat15@aol.com
    Jun 1, 2006
      Hmm, that does not look like the rudder I see in Payson's book. I am using a
      rudder on my Cartopper that swings between the cheeks. What I did different
      than what Payson and Bolger show is a lead weight in the blade so I won't have
      to fool with that lock nut when pushing off a beach.
      After giving the dagger board on my Swifty a good whack when taking the
      grandkids for a sail, and had a leak around the trunk ever since that day, I have
      become a strong believer in anything that hangs down must swing, pivot or get
      out of the way with no damage.
      Even Bolgers plans interperted by Payson say to put holes in the centerboard
      to enable you to "lock" the board in intermediate positions. I am leaving that
      out also and adding a cleat to secure the tail line of the centerboard at
      intermediate positions.

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