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49696Re: BW-Amherst-WJD

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  • dproasit
    Jun 1, 2006
      Hello Greg
      I get the message about a motor on AG.

      Also had similar thoughts on interior of WDJ but will check
      it out again.

      Thanks - Darrell

      > Actually, I am very keen on AG, but I think that boat is at it's
      best as a group boat, just as it was designed ; when people see it as
      a boat that can be used with a motor I think the intergrity of the
      design may be compromised to some extent. My point there is that if
      this is the case, it may be better to go for the WDJ design, from the
      outset, rather than trying to adapt AG.
      The article that I mentioned was in Wooden Boat No. 157 of Dec 2000. I
      have recently seen a video of a WDJ and there doesn't seem to be a
      sense of a clear and open interior ; it looks quite broken up with
      bulkheads which detracts from the Birdwatcher concept, I feel. But
      that is a rather superficial opinion based solely on a video and the
      drawings ; I guess you would need to see the real thing before being
      able to make a decision about that. But on paper, the AG doesn't seem
      to suffer from those problems.
      I think the AG would be a fine boat for protected waters with a large
      crew of around 8-10 people, and in that context I don't think
      stability would be an issue, at all.
      No, AG seems a great boat to me, it appears to have real integrity.

      Greg F
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