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49695Re: Anyone Designed/Built A Stretched "Fast Motorsailer"

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  • The Peillet-Long Family
    May 31, 2006
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "waldofo" <waldofo@...> wrote:
      > Hi Folks
      > Want to build and liveaboard fulltime (well at least 6 months of the
      > year)on a coastal motorsailer/trawler for the west coast of Canada and
      > the USA. Has anyone designed and built a "stretched" Fast
      > Motorsailer? I need 28 to 30 footer.

      I think there are probably a lot of designs, Bolger and others, better suited to the role of a
      liveaboard coastal cruiser. If I remember correctly, FMS was designed around a fairly large
      outboard (50 hp) which would be very expensive to feed at todays prices if you really
      wanted to go long distances and/or cruise much of the time. If you're planning to mostly
      stay at the marina, and just make occasional jaunts here and there, then of course that
      changes things.

      What exactly are your requirements in terms of accommodations, amenities, performance
      and cost? Why 28'-30'? Slip size? Shop size? Except for slip fees, length can be
      deceiving in terms of cost and/or difficulty to build. My 16' Yellow Leaf canoe went to
      gether faster and more easily than my 8' Brick, and was cheaper, to give a silly example.

      I have all of Bolger's books, and lots more besides, and might be able to make a few
      suggestions if I understood better what you wanted.


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