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49677Re: A family motor/sail cruiser?

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  • The Peillet-Long Family
    May 30, 2006
      Thanks for the tip, Bruce!

      If anyone else, like me, was a little confused by Bruce's links, here is a direct link to his
      Abbondanza 24 scans from MAIB:


      Those scans are exactly what Phil sent me, though of course the drawings that I received
      are clearer.

      As for the letter, this is what Phil wrote me, dated 5/13/06:

      "Dear Mr. Long,

      Thanks for yours of May 9. The enclosed study material is as close as we can come
      with an extant design to your wish list. With an awning over the cockpit and perhaps a
      longer helm shelter, it looks as though it might just do it if the costing works out. We can
      not undertake any modifications to it at this time.

      Plans of Abbondanza 24, our Design #652, are available for $300.00 to build one boat,
      sent priority mail, rolled in a tube.


      Phil Bolger"

      I am intrigued by the design, which might well fit our needs. The bulwarks and rails aft
      and high rails forward are appealing to me with three little kids to keep out of harm's way.
      I'll keep thinking, and follow up once I get to Tunis.

      Cheers all,

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