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  • Mike
    May 29, 2006
      Hello Sirs:

      Please check out Skiffsalor's Gypsy (Olivia). It has been in
      construction and storage since two ex-wives, job changes, residence
      changes, etc. When the current wife went home to mom, the garage
      assumed it's natural state and smell - you know what I am talking about.
      It seems like the old days already. Nice Memorial Day in the garage
      stiffening my mast partner. It was only 7/8" of mahogany and I heard
      some creaking and popping I didn't like the last time I took Olivia out.
      That was day I got all screwed up trying to set my sail. It almost
      whipped me to death while I was trying to get that d*** boom rigged.
      Lost one of my beloved homemade oars. I had to Indian paddle the boat
      uncurrent and upwind or I would have been swept downriver to end up

      So, I rounded up some mahogany scraps and stiffened it with another
      7/8". I thought about putting some knees under it for good measure but
      ran out of gas. I also ran out of 205 hardener and commited a big
      blunder. After reading some of the posts about saving money vs. the
      cost of epoxy or something to that effect, I began to think how my
      being cheap cost me so much time. I blended some 205 and 206 and didn't
      have enough of either. I was under ratio and it never set. Then, I had
      take the scraps off, scrape them clean, sand them down and redo it.
      What a dope. I guess sometimes lessons have to be learned the hard way.
      I went to the store and bought some Gorilla polyurethane glue and had
      good results putting the partner together.

      The rest of the time I have been staining my new partner, puttying (I
      love Famowood - good stuff, it can dried completely hard and brought
      back to life with Famowood solvent and it takes stain well. ) I also
      got lucky when Ace Hardware had a can of Petit Dark Mahogonay
      filler/stain. I was starting to panic. West Marine didn't have but I
      knew the Ace Hardware could and they did so my colors match. I made a
      previous mistake by trying to use another brand of filler/stain and one
      of my seats don't match the other three. Maybe next weekend I can sand
      it down and redo it with the right color. If I get up my nerve, I may
      take her out for a sail but it is much safer in the garage. The PCB
      Gypsy design can get you a little edgy when the wind is blowing. Have


      I have read some of your posts and am glad the old debates I used to
      read are over. I have been in the boatbuilder
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