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4941RE: [bolger] Any experience with Finland Birch Marine Plywood?

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  • Paul A. Lefebvre, Jr.
    Jun 5, 2000
      Here's my 2 cents, for what it's worth:
      I own two folding kayaks - a Klepper and a Nautiraid, both have wooden
      frames. The Klepper (1967 vintage) has ash laterals and plywood mahogany
      floors, reinforcements, etc. The Nautiraid (built in 1995) is also mostly
      ash with floors, etc. of Finnish Birch, same thickness as the Klepper's
      (thin! haven't measured it). It may be partially due to the age, but the
      Klepper's plywood is very brittle, whereas the Nautiraid's is very flexible
      and springy. I recently revarnished the Nautiraid frame, and where the
      plywood had been stressed (middle of floor, no support underneath, feet
      often land there getting in/out) it was slightly discolored, where the grain
      of the wood had stretched and cracked the varnish along the grain, allowing
      water in; but it held up well and was only slightly graying. I've already
      had to fiberglass underneath all the floors of my Klepper where they've
      busted out. Since around the early 1970's, Klepper now uses Birch as well,
      which may say something.......... The birch seems very resilient and strong,
      good glue. I think it would be find if well encapsulated in epoxy; I don't
      know how long it would withstand soaking though.

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      > Subject: [bolger] Any experience with Finland Birch Marine Plywood?
      > My local exotic woods retailer has a reasonable price on "Finland
      > Birch Marine
      > Plywood, 100% birch throughout. Grade S/BB. I'll be using it in 3/8".
      > Any feedback or knowledge on such a thing?
      > Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the great responses to my
      > many questions!
      > Thank!
      > Glen @ finishing main mast, moving onto the hull !!!!
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