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49332Re: Fibreglass Queen Mab

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  • davejthib
    May 6 11:30 AM
      Just Ducky was not a tippy boat, one of the things you have to
      consider is your own weight, Just Ducky was sailed by several people
      weighing over 200 pounds but it sat pretty low in the water, I often
      wondered what the boat would be like if it were 4 to 6 inches wider.

      I would certainly recommend strip planking over any other method of
      construction to get the boat down to minimum weight, at 28 pounds the
      Just Ducky could be easily carred in one hand !!. I personally do not
      know of any Queen Mab constructed using glued lap ply as Bolger
      specified that weighed less than 45 pounds.

      Phil Bolger sells a video of me sailing the Just Ducky from his dock
      in Gloucester Mass, the video runs about 30 minutes and is just
      duducky if I have to offer an opinion.daDave thibodeau:

      > A couple of pictures of Dave's Queen Mab on the web for those who are
      > curious:
      > http://mkstocks.tripod.com/boats/queen_mab/index.htm
      > I love this little boat. Was she very tippy? Ever have to worry about
      > getting dumped in the water by a strong breeze?
      > I asked Jim Michalak if he'd be interested in designing a
      > stitch-and-glue version. He said he'd think about it. If not, I may
      > have a go at strip-planking the Bolger original.
      > Garth
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