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4911Re: [bolger] Any experience with Finland Birch Marine Plywood?

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  • Sakari Aaltonen
    Jun 3, 2000
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      > My local exotic woods retailer has a reasonable price on "Finland Birch Marine
      > Plywood, 100% birch throughout. Grade S/BB. I'll be using it in 3/8".
      > Any feedback or knowledge on such a thing?

      It's generally accepted here (in Finland), that birch rots easily,
      and it is not used for boatbuilding at all.

      The preferred local woods for boatbuilding are fir (Picea abies)
      and pine (Pinus silvestris); this goes for plywood, too.

      I think Finnish birch plywood is pretty high quality as plywoods go.
      However, this "quality" just means that the surface is very even and
      uniform and that there are few or no knots and voids. It doesn't mean
      durability. I have never seen birch plywood advertised as being good
      for *marine* use.

      Sakari Aaltonen
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