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4875Re: [bolger] Fldg Schnr Cont

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  • Harry W. James
    May 31, 2000
      > I went octagonal (no taper) with the table saw and then went after it
      > with a block plane.
      > half way though, i got a power planer.
      > either way, it's fun and easy.
      > -david

      It has been a while since I built a mast, the last one was a forty foot long
      tear drop shape (to match the one I broke). I used a drawknife for the rough
      in and a plane for the finish work, and a cut sander belt used like you
      would a beach towel on your back to finish the rounding. If I had to do
      another I think I would still use a hand plane. I loved the sound of the
      blade knife working through the wood.
      While I would push the plane, I would think about my father when he
      apprenticed as a shipwright at the beginning of the last century. He would
      get beaten if the old scottish shipwrights he worked under couldn't pull a
      20 shaving from the plane. The best I could ever do was 10-12 feet.
      Apparently the beating has some effect on the tensile strength of wood.

      _ _ _ _ _
      % Harry welshman@...
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