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4873Re: [bolger] Fldg Schnr Cont

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  • David Ryan
    May 31, 2000
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      >out of 16 ft 4x4s is looking more feasible. I am a little foggy on
      >how to precut the taper before rounding to end up with the final
      >dimensions. For the three inch diameter it is just eight sidding and
      >rounding over but it seems I need to add something to the taper at
      >top of the mast before eight sidding and rounding over. Anybody done
      >this before?

      I went octagonal (no taper) with the table saw and then went after it
      with a block plane.

      half way though, i got a power planer.

      either way, it's fun and easy.


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      New York, NY 10001
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