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4864Fldg Schnr Cont

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  • Leander S. Harding
    May 31, 2000
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      Work continues on the Folding Schooner. Spent Memorial Day making the
      mainmast step and the cutting and fitting all the pieces for the
      bilge board cases. Waiting for a warm, dry day to epoxy everything
      into place. Also put the bottom boards and keelson on the aft
      hull.This hull bottom is 3/8 MDO which is very tuff stuff. We broke
      several drill bits and completely dulled the Makita quick change
      countersink we were using. The Stainless screws I am using have soft
      heads which is frustrating. I wish I could find Stainless Square
      screws in 3/4" size.

      Also cut the deck for the aft bridgedeck. I used a straight edge
      clamped to the plywood to guide the circular saw to cut the deck
      and bilge board case covers. I was surprised at how accurate the
      result was. It is really as good as the fence on our little table

      Thanks for the feedback on finishing systems. Confirms my prejudice
      that for a dry sailed boat latex primer and porch paint is the way to
      go in our budget category. I have a new Bosch random orbit sander.
      What grits would you recommend for prior to priming and between coats?

      Contemplating masts. I had thougt of trying to use our table saw to
      make hollow masts out of birdsmouths staves. I wonder now if they
      would be strong enough in the 3 inch diameter already set in the mast
      steps particularly where they go through the partners. I have read
      about the advisablility of having solid inserts through that stress
      point. I also have not done this before and am trying to get the
      boat in the water by July for our family vacation. Getting the masts
      out of 16 ft 4x4s is looking more feasible. I am a little foggy on
      how to precut the taper before rounding to end up with the final
      dimensions. For the three inch diameter it is just eight sidding and
      rounding over but it seems I need to add something to the taper at
      top of the mast before eight sidding and rounding over. Anybody done
      this before?

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