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48529Re: Birdwatcher II

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  • dnjost
    Mar 4, 2006
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      David -

      thanks for the advice, and encouragement.

      I finally had a couple of hours to sit with the plans, scale rule,
      and building key and had some fun just figuring out how it all goes

      Having built Micro, the sequence appears to be similar without the
      bother of the lead keel assembly. I am sure putting the 109lb board
      in place will be no easy task, but I plan to employ slave labor here
      (14 year old son).

      The mast does appear to be as Bruce described as having the tapered
      plug on the top 6' of mast. This appears to be the most challenging
      carpentry. I may do up a birdsmouth or go with the standard box spar
      as described in Chapelle's book. I am tempted to rabbet out some
      2x4's glue them up, taper, and plug em' but I can see where the
      orientation of the wood in the 4 sided box will add strength while
      reducing weight aloft.

      The good news is that it really is built in a sort of instant boat
      fashion. (and my basement is exactly 25' long with huge removeable
      bay windows!

      DAvid Jost
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