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48514Re: Birdwatcher II

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  • dnjost
    Mar 3, 2006
      John -

      That about sums it up...the puzzler. It appears to be series of
      concentric box spars that are glued one inside the other and then
      faired smooth. Will investigate a little bit on this as I really want
      to build to plans and not deviate unless absolutely essential.

      I suppose this would allow the use of shorter pieces of good stock and
      avoid the hassle of trying to scarf and find straight pieces w/o
      blemishes, and result it scarfed sections through the fairing process.
      It actually seems reasonable. No need for the expense of sitka spruce!

      Bruce's idea of doing a model first is quite rational.

      Thanks to all for the support and ideas.

      David Jost
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