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  • ellengaestboatbuildingcom
    Feb 10, 2006
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Nels" <arvent@...> wrote:
      >> With all due respect David, I think it is about time your
      > learned "the facts of life". Put away those silly flat and
      > screwdrivers and instead get her a set of "Robbies".
      > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robertson_screwdriver
      With a robbie you can drive a screw into
      > the ceiling, or at an angle, using one hand. Try that with those
      > old fashioned kind:-)

      Hear!Hear! I have used these exclusively on several boats and can
      not imagine ever wanting to go back to any other type of screw
      head.To add to what Nels mentions about over head screw driving with
      one hand,it is important to use the correct sized Robertson screw
      driver and genuine Robertson screws not just some generic square
      head screw driver and square headed screws.The real
      Robertsons have nice deep pockets with crisp corners which makes for
      authorative driving and backing out of these screws,especially
      those one-handed-out-stretched-on-your-belly-with-arms-bent-down-
      your-crotch screws.
      What? You've never had that type of screw before? You ain't lived
      yet my friend!


      Peter"I'll take an even 13" Lenihan, who can't say or sing enough
      the praises for Robertson drive
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