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48219Robertson (Square drive) Screws

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  • Nels
    Feb 9, 2006
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "David" <arbordg@...> wrote:
      > Bill,
      > I own an Architectural Millwork firm. We use predominantly #2
      > Robertson drive screws. I've never seen anyone strip one out. I
      > to say, that would take a bit of talent (did you ever have the
      > nickname FullTiltBill?) <Grin>. We do use mostly cordless drills
      > adjustable clutch settings to avoid such mishaps. I've never used
      > screws in any quantity - are they (as they appear) significantly
      > resistant to stripping out the heads?
      > Cheers,
      > David Graybeal
      > Portland, OR.
      > "Moderation in all things, especially moderation"
      > *********************

      I have never had the experience of ever stripping out a Robertson
      screw when driving it by hand in over 30 years of using them.

      I highly recommend your method David, in using a driver with an
      adjustable clutch, because it is possible if driving into hardwood,
      with no pilot hole, to strip out the head - or twist it off - with a
      powerful driver.

      Two other possible errors I have witnessed, is using a smaller size
      bit to drive a size larger screw and using a driver bit that is worn
      out so the edges are rounded. If the bit won't hold the screw by
      itself it is either the wrong bit or it is worn out.

      I have only seen torx screws that are meant for metal work. Was not
      aware of them being available for use in woodwork. Not that I see
      any advantage in them.

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