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48106Re: micro or long micro

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  • pvanderwaart
    Feb 1, 2006
      > Beware of all the assurances that a Long Micro will hardly cost
      more than a Micro. Almost everything will cost more. The sails will
      cost more, the plywood will cost more, the epoxy will cost more, the
      paint will cost more, you will be inclined to purchase a larger motor
      which will cost more, any stay in a marina will cost more, if you
      have to have the boat launched it will cost more, a trailer will cost
      more, if you store the boat it will cost more.

      I agree with the above; the Long Micro will cost more and be more
      work. But is the extra worth it? Bolger himself has said that they
      feel the LM offers better return on the dollar and work hour. Aside
      from the extra internal volume, the extra length will make LM much faster.

      One quibble about the above. I'll bet in most cases the motor does not
      cost more. The smallest OB with F/N/R gears is usually a 4/5 hp which
      is more than enough for either boat.

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