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48105Re: [bolger] Epoxy and vinegar

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  • Derek Waters
    Jan 31, 2006
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      There was a day a couple of summers ago when I ran out of stainless screws
      in the middle of a boatbuilding session. Jumping into the truck, I drove the
      hour or so to the nearest supplier. Walking out of the store, I ran my hand
      through my hair. The sticky gobbet I encountered was [of course] epoxy, and
      in the summer heat, it could only be a short time before it congealed.
      Forseeing imminent 'boat-builder pattern' baldness, I ran into the nearest
      fast food joint, which happened to be a sub-sandwich emporium:
      "Do you dress your salads with vinegar?"
      "Uh, yeah, red wine vine..."
      "Please give me some in a cup"

      The staff no doubt entertained their friends with the story of the guy who
      asked for a cup of vinegar and then with obvious pleasure, poured it over
      his own head.

      Good stuff, vinegar.

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