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48063RE: [bolger] micro or long micro

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  • Paul Lefebvre
    Jan 30, 2006
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      I realize you're talking about money, no building time; but time is money,
      and Buehler makes good arguments that I'm sure most would agree with, that
      building a longer boat is often far easier (therefore may take less time?)
      than building a shorter boat, simply because the curves you're bending wood
      to are gentler due to being stretched out longer. I've faced this numerous
      times building my Micro, where the wood just didn't quite want to follow the
      curve the plans call for because I'm beefing up certain elements beyond the
      original scantlings. If you factor that in, you may nearly break even on LM,
      all other things being equal!

      Paul L.

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      I am intrested in building a Micro but cannot decide between a
      Long Micro or a Micro. Can anyone tell me the extra materials or cost
      needed to build the bigger boat. I am on a budget and the extra cost
      of the larger boat will problly be a deal breaker. I am wanting this
      boat for a trip I plan to make in the near future where i will spend a
      year traveling the east coast so the larger the boat would be better

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