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47610Re: [bolger] MDO question

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  • John B. Trussell
    Jan 6, 2006
      Ronzo--There are periodic threads about MDO on this group. I recently
      completed a stitch and glue boat using Olympus MDO plywood. This product
      is used to make highway signs and obviously Transportation Departments have
      more clout with plywood manufacturers than amateur boatbuilders. I find
      that it is very nice to work with if you ignore the smell of what I suspect
      is urea formaldahyde glue when you cut it.

      I chose it because the sanding and filling necessary to get an acceptable
      paint job is my least favorite part of boatbuilding. MDO cuts this time

      I would caution you that MDO comes in several variations, including some
      that is intended for concrete forms. I don't know if this would be suitable
      for boatbuilding. My experience is limited to highway sign material, and I
      like it.

      John T

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      Subject: [bolger] MDO question

      > MDO has been mentioned on this list several times but I am confused as
      > to its recommended use in boatbuilding. I think I remember one
      > posting that stated that MDO is ready to paint - no cloth or epoxy
      > required (that may have been used in reference to a builder not
      > planning to sheath with FG and epoxy). I have costed various types of
      > plywood. There is no significant difference in cost in this area
      > between 1/2 inch marine and 1/2 inch MDO. What are strengths and
      > weaknesses of of single faced and double faced MDO?
      > My apologies in advance to the group of this question should be posed
      > elsewhere since the plans are not from Bolger.
      > ronzo
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