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47600Re: MDO question

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  • Nels
    Jan 6, 2006
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "ronporterus" <ronald.porter@m...>
      > MDO has been mentioned on this list several times but I am
      confused as
      > to its recommended use in boatbuilding. I think I remember one
      > posting that stated that MDO is ready to paint - no cloth or epoxy
      > required (that may have been used in reference to a builder not
      > planning to sheath with FG and epoxy). I have costed various
      types of
      > plywood. There is no significant difference in cost in this area
      > between 1/2 inch marine and 1/2 inch MDO. What are strengths and
      > weaknesses of of single faced and double faced MDO?
      > My apologies in advance to the group of this question should be
      > elsewhere since the plans are not from Bolger.
      > ronzo
      > 1 mouseboat
      > 1 pirogue
      Hi Ronzo,

      What kind of marine plywood are you referring to that is the same
      price as 1/2" MDO? The reason I ask is that there is such a broad
      range of quality in what is sold as "marine grade" plywood these
      days it is a real challenge. For example some retailers of marine
      plywood do not even stock marine fir plywood, the quality has
      deteriorated so much lately.

      Also fir has to be glassed to prevent checking. MDO does not have to
      be glassed. However on the downside, MDO will not finish bright as
      it is already coated with a resin barrier that hides the grain
      completely. MDO looks like drywall when you first see it:-)

      Okoume is probably the best marine grade, readily available and the
      lightest. Meranti is close for less cost. Then I think MDO is next
      except it is fir based and is therefor heavier.



      My Micro - made from crezon - is almost 14 years old now and has
      spent most summers in the water and most of it's life outdoors. It
      is just now showing it could use a new coat of paint - mostly from
      sun fading the dark green hull. The hull was completely encapsulated
      with 2 coats of epoxy and painted with Brightsides one-part
      urethane. Glassed only from keel to waterline and on the deck.

      The G1S MDO will likely check on the unsealed side if exposed to
      weather, but would work great if you are closing in the interior
      like a BirdwatcherII, or doubling up on the bottom.

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