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47578Re: Dysfunctional Greetings From the Land of Snow

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  • Peter Lenihan
    Jan 1, 2006
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Chamberland" <cha62759@t...> wrote:
      > Beat until stiff:
      > Beat in:
      >beat until very light:

      'tis a good thing,I tell ya,that we all know that Bob is talking about
      an egg-nog recipe and not offering instructions for attaining some
      momentary state of carnel bliss as we commune with Eros :-)....Good
      God!....even the sequence is right!

      I must confess that all this experimenting with egg-nog for the sake
      of science is heady stuff for me since I am really just a wine,port
      and beer drinking kind of boatnut.And now with Bob going from the
      called for 1 cup of rum to a quart of the stuff...with happy
      results...I'll be very lucky to just recall my first name and
      age,never mind the best recipe :-)

      Then again,no one ever said good science was easy:-D

      Thanks for the different twist Bob!


      Peter Lenihan, beginning to wonder if other amateur boat building nuts
      drink because they like the taste or do they drink because they like
      the state(of mind,that is!) that their drink provides
      them.....hmmmmmm....sounds like another research project all in the
      name of science..........
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