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47345Re: Daysailer Sharpie Design Selection

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  • David
    Dec 7, 2005
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      I can tell you which design we picked, after a very thorough
      researching of plans available. First, let me tell you the criteria
      that we used. We wanted something that would be very simple to build
      (therefore plywood & epoxy). Two of the building crew were my 11 & 17
      year old sons. I wanted them to be able to do a lot of the work
      without their woodworker dad fussing about the quality/details. We
      also had a limited amount of hours per week to devote to the project,
      so wanted something that'd go together quickly. Nevertheless, we
      wanted something that looked like a boat... not a floating packing
      crate. Didn't have to be dropdead gorgeous, just not slabsided
      buttugly. We also wanted it to be under 16'. Finally, we looked for a
      maximum # of passengers for the size, while still being lightweight.

      The boat we chose was the Goat Island Skiff, by Michael Storer. It's
      an open, plywood, sharpie skiff - designed to sail, row, or accept a
      small outboard. We put it in the water last Spring with oars &
      ouboard. So far, we are very happy with how it met our design
      criteria. We had a couple a mild surprises. First - it turned out a
      bit heavier than the designed weight of 130#. Understandable, since we
      replaced some of the trim pieces with denser/heavier wood, and beefed
      up other bits slightly. Second - it turned out much prettier than we
      were prepared to accept. Partly because of the trim replacements
      mentioned, and partly because the photos didn't do justice to the the
      sweetly subtle curvaciousness and traditional lines of this boat. You
      can judge for yourself how well this design matches your own needs,
      but for us it's a very good fit. For more info, Google "Goat Island
      Skiff", or Michael Storer. You can also contact me directly for more.

      Good Luck,
      David Graybeal
      Portland, OR.

      "Art is all of a boat but the wood" - Thoreau


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "txsailor37" <txsailor37@y...> wrote:
      > I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good design for a Sharpie
      > styled hull in about a 16' length. I would strongly prefer a
      plywood or tac and tape design. I would consider a a larger boat I am
      > primarily interested in trailer sailing. And.... I do not like
      > leeboards.
      > Thanks
      > BOBBY
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