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47254Re: [bolger] Re: kayak sailing,

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  • Will Samson
    Dec 2, 2005
      >>I agree that a paddle is not the best way to steer a kayak, unlike a
      canoe where one is sitting in the stern seat when sailing. A foot-
      pedal controlled rudder is also a great energy saver when paddling
      into a quartering wind.>>

      All true, of course, but there's a price to be paid - complexity.

      To my mind the greatest thing about a simple kayak is that it can be popped in the water and paddled away with no set-up time. Once you get into rudders, foot-pedals and such, you are introducing things that may take some setting up and adjusting each trip, and also bits that may fail. They can be expensive, too, if you don't make your own.

      A good friend of mine is into big sails and outriggers on his kayak and gets a great buzz out of it. I, on the other hand, love my low-tech, low-maintenance, home-made approach to kayaking.

      I'm not sure if the name of the guy who first said 'different strokes for different folks' survives, but it's as true today as when it was first uttered.

      Happy kayaking!


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