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47222Re: Borate as a rot rx--was green plywood

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  • Lepage Roger
    Nov 30, 2005
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      My cotage is finished with vertical wood boards.
      As you know, with rain droping
      years after years on the gallery, balcony etc...
      the one feet and a haft down the wall got black
      with fungies either the wood was treated in that
      time with outdoor stain or not.
      Fortunatly after reading about éthylène glycol
      I gave it a try. With a garden sprayer and with 50% of
      water to dilute, I sprayed all the black stains It was
      around october and we never go there in winter.
      The year after I did not notice any chage as I came
      back there but I noticed that the spring rains washed
      away all the black (the fungies)and desapered rain
      after rains.
      I can assure you that right now my docks with that
      treatment after six ears always look as new.
      And I will never stain or paint it. Just the
      sheapest motor coolant with 50% of water.
      Take care of not breathing the mist.

      > We get a lot of rain in south GA and concrete driveways get a
      > fungus in the pores. Marble headstones get it too. Where a car
      leaks a
      > little antifreeze we have a clean circle on the driveway that
      lasts for
      > years.
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