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46593Roman box-boat

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  • graeme19121984
    Oct 15, 2005
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      Following Jeb's link in message #46581 (16 Oct) to the Small Wooden
      Boat Association of Nova Scotia , and oogling Jeb's Micro Teah McGee
      (nice one), I came across a story of the preserved remains and
      replicas of 2000 year old Roman - Germanic ships.

      Go to http://www.swbans.org , in the sidebar click on *Stories and
      Tales* , there at the bottom click on *Once Upon a Time in a
      Country far away...* , for story and photos from the museum in
      Mainz, Germany, there at the bottom is a scale replica of a box boat.

      Bolger wrote in 2002 of having then recently studied recently found
      and preserved Roman-Germanic riverine box-boat craft about 150 km to
      the north in the museum in Cologne. By the way, the semi-automatic
      crossbow-ballista type armament on the bow of the transport boat in
      the photo above may be useful in northern Australia for discouraging
      crocs ;-)