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  • john h wright
    Oct 15, 2005
      I have not bought Dow blue foam in a few years but at that time it could
      be bought in many thicknesses and in different densities (weights). My
      observation is that it is much more rigid (harder) and I think a better
      material that the OC pink for most of our purposes. Does anyone out
      there have better info than this. I am interested. Could you describe
      the test "beam" construction that you tested.

      On Sat, 15 Oct 2005 18:07:51 -0000 "Bob larkin" <boblark@...>
      Peter, thanks for the comments.

      Good question about the foam. In the local stores, I only see the
      Owens-Corning Formular 150. I bought a sheet and made up some test
      beams, 2-inches wide. These were impressively strong, and I further
      tested it by walking (wearing sneakers) on the sheet laying on the
      floor. It left no permanent indication, other than from my dirty
      shoes. This is all not very scientific, but it looked better than I
      thought the stuff would be! I have never seen the Dow Styrafoam blue
      type, and would like to learn more. Can you add to this, as I still
      can switch? There must be someone selling Dow in Oregon.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Lenihan" <peterlenihan@h...>
      > but I just have to ask why you went with the pink styrofoam instead
      > of the denser blue styrofoam?
      > Continued building success!!
      > Sincerely,
      > Peter Lenihan

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