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46580RE: Jochems schooner completed

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  • Jack&Lois
    Oct 15, 2005
      A beautiful job, Richard. WDJ is undeniably a head turner. I'm impressed and
      more than a bit envious. I've owned a set of WDJ plans since 1997 but have
      yet to get underway with construction. Distractions and finances are the
      main delays. The distractions are mostly in the form of acquiring discarded
      or hurricane ravaged Bolger boats that I have restored or intend to restore.
      Most recent restoration is a Micro and the next restoration will be a Jessie
      Cooper, which I intend to radically "Jochemize". I don't even want to know
      what Bolger might think of my intentions until after the fact. At any rate I
      do hope you'll keep us posted on your experiences with Trimara. I especially
      would like to know more about your interest in extra ballast. Do you carry
      the 300 lbs. of batteries Bolger calls for in the design? William D. Jochems
      (person, not boat) told me that he had not installed those batteries prior
      to his comments about the schooner's apparent tenderness. He also said that
      he had not reduced mast height as much as Bolger suggested (12"-16") I'd
      especially like to know how far off shore you feel comfortable taking
      Trimara. Happy Sailing.

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