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45802Re: [bolger] Re: Yahoo Groups Photo Download

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Sep 5, 2005
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      > Not if the moderator has gone through and deleted the full resolution
      > copy, which happens frequently to conserve space. We only get 30 MB
      > per group, and full resolution pictures take up a lot of space.
      > Susan

      I think that what Susan writes is relevant to photos stored in the 'Files'

      For photos stored in the 'Photos' section, Yahoo compresses the image
      so severely that it approaches illegibility.

      I am with Gregg, believing that optimally, 'jpg' photos should be sized
      about 100kb to 200 kb and stored in the 'files' section.

      [One exception, scans of black and white images can be better
      read if stored in the 'gif' format in 2 color mode.]

      Also, dozens of better 'free' photo storage site are available for use.
      Webshots, photobucket, pbase, Flickr and more.
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